How dirty is your ride?

Born on the trails for passionate people

A clean bike is a happy bike

Riding is our passion so keeping our bikes shipshape and ready to go is important to

Keeping your bike clean and lubricated is an essential part of bicycle
maintenance. Ensuring better performance, increased safety, and more fun on your
next ride!

All Angry Bear products are made from the best ingredients and manufactured using the
highest standards. We have designed all products to reduce environmental impact,
taking care of the planet as well as your bike. It is 100% New Zealand.

Maku lube

This beauty is an all conditions chain lube.

Hardworking, long lasting chain lube designed to work well in both wet and dry conditions. It will remain in the chain for much longer than other lubes, increasing chain life. 

Maku is 100% biodegradable when used properly

How hard can you concentrate?

Angry Bear can concentrate a whole 10 litres!

Check out our Dirt Hero 1 litre concentrate. This bad boy makes up to 10 litres of mud melting goodness without the extra packaging, and a lot easier on the wallet! 



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